Gaming Console Repair

PS4 HDMI Port Repair

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HDMI ports get damaged for many reasons.  Consoles get dropped, pulled off shelves, and sometimes simply plugged in too many times.  Regardless of the reason, if your Playstation 4 is no longer showing an image, we have the fix for you. Our HDMI port replacement option also includes a full internal system cleaning and upgraded CPU/GPU Arctic Silver thermal paste.  These will go a long way towards prolonging the life of your console. 

Laser Replacement

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Regardless of the console and how you take care of it, you will most likely be faced with your console not reading games or DVDs one day.  This is common for all disc readers.  The drive laser assembly, as well as, other moving parts in the drive will eventually wear out and need to be replaced.  

System Cleaning

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Many of the gaming consoles we open look very similar to the one above.   Attempting to clean the console from the outside using compressed air will only compact the majority of the debris and lead to worse issues.  With our cleaning service, we dismantle all of the components associated with the system cooling and give everything a thorough cleaning.  We also include new Arctic Silver thermal paste on the CPU/GPU/APU with our service.

We offer many other repairs on nearly all gaming consoles.  We have repairs for laser replacements, stuck discs, power issues, video issues, and many others.  Please call one of our offices or stop by for further pricing.
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