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Computer Repair

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Don't let a damaged computer hold you back!

Virus Removal


Malware and Viruses are the leading causes of computer issues.  Not only do these infections effect how your computer runs, they will leave you vulnerable to much more series infections and get worse over time.

Data Recovery

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We have data recovery experts and advanced software to help recover your data.

Laptop Screen Repair

Computer Failure

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Broken laptop LCD or glass?

Expertech offers screen replacements on 98% of laptops.  Macbooks Pros, Macbook Airs, standard screens, Ultra thin LEDs, touch screens, convertible laptops, and many more.

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Computers fail for many reasons: hard drives, batteries, power supplies, broken screens, RAM, update failure, software corruption, motherboard failure, etc, etc, etc.  Our Experts will find the failure and let you know what it would cost to repair.

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