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Welcome to Expertech!  We your solution for broken phones, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, and many more devices.  We're constantly working hard to continue providing the best quality repairs, great customer service, and professionalism at a very competitive price.

The first Expertech store was opened in 2010 across University Ave from Texas Tech.  With a continuously changing market, I quickly determined that having the best customer service, highest quality of parts, and fastest turn around times were the keys in this industry to sustain a profitable business. With a great location, a growing client base, and continuously adding new products to our repair list, the business was quickly successful.  

Expertech University Store

Expertech began in 2007 out of my passion for electronics and ability to repair just about anything.  As a student at Texas Tech, I regularly encountered other students with computer and phone issues. The company began as Desktop Productions offering computer diagnostics, virus cleanings, and general phone repair.  I had a stack of business cards, great word of mouth advertising, and would often meet customers for onsite repairs.  The business grew very quickly and took off with the release of the iPhone that summer.  


In 2013, as a result of the businesses' continued growth and our cross town customer base requesting a more convenient location for them, I decided to open a second location at the intersection of 82nd & Slide.  That location has grown over the past couple years and has helped the business become much more versatile. 

The success of Expertech wouldn't be possible without all of the great employees that we've had over the years.  We've been blessed with many employees who would stay late to ensure a customer was taken care of, dedicate whatever time was needed to ensure things were done correctly, and continue to go the extra mile to uphold the company's mission statement.

At Expertech, we don't just repair electronics because it's our job.  We love finding solutions to problems. We love the challenges that many devices present.  And we really love seeing happy customers.

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